How Smart Invoice Software Can Benefit your Business

How many invoices have you sent out in your years of business?  You have probably lost count, as invoicing is something we do on a day to day basis.  You are probably so familiar with the process that you feel like you could do it in your sleep – if only you could!

No matter how familiar we feel with invoicing, there are always ways to smoothen the process.  Have you considered using a smart invoicing software, such as Quilder?  This blog post will discuss the advantages of using a smart invoicing system like Quilder can bring to your business.

1. Keep track of your invoices

finished-jobsSay you have completed the work on the Jones’ Extension last week, but you can’t remember if you have already completed the invoice?  Simply log into your invoicing software to see if the Jones’ invoice is there.  This way you can easily keep track of exactly which invoices have been completed and which are still to be done.

2. Know when payments are due

It’s easy to ask customers to pay you within a certain period, but sometimes it’s not as easy to keep track of when their payment is due.  With a smart invoicing software system like Quilder, you can easily check the date of your invoice, and confirm when the payment is due.  With this knowledge available at the touch of a button, you can ensure you get paid on time, and even send customers a reminder that payment is due.

3. Request payment instantly

We want to make the payment process as easy as possible for our customers, and it is best to request payment when the work you have done is fresh in their mind.  By using smart invoicing software like Quilder, you can instantly send your invoice to your customer once the work is complete, even before leaving the premises!  If the customer receives your payment request when the work is at the top of their mind, they are more likely to make a speedy payment.  We have also teamed up with iZettle UK to offer you an exclusive discount on their card reader, which you can use to take card payments from your customers using your smart phone!  For more information on this exclusive offer, you can visit the iZettle UK website.

4. Keep track of all invoices

When it comes to tax year end, it can be a bit of a nightmare tracking down all of your invoices, especially if your system is currently paper-based.  Using a smart invoicing software like Quilder means that all your year’s invoices are stored in one handy place and can be accessed and printed at any time.  This also will save you on space to store all of your paperwork, as they are all stored electronically and can be accessed from a number of devices.

5. Save yourself some time

part-search Finding time to keep up to date with your quotes and invoices isn’t always easy, but using smart invoicing software can make it that bit easier!  With Quilder, you can price items and build quotes whilst still on the job, so it no longer needs to wait until you get home.  Quotes can be converted into invoices with just the touch of the button, and can be sent to the customer within seconds.  This can all be done from your mobile, so it can be done from anywhere!  Use the time normally wasted standing in line or waiting for a delivery to log into Quilder and keep up with your paperwork on the move.



Make the Switch today!

You’ve read over the benefits, so what is stopping you from making the switch to a smart invoicing system?  You most likely already have the necessary hardware – all you need is a smart phone or a computer!  Creating an account with Quilder only takes a few minutes, and you can start invoicing straight away.  There is no need to worry about the potential cost of invoicing software – Quilder is free of charge.  So start reaping the benefits now and download Quilder today to start being a smart invoicer!

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