Use the Quilder App To Get Part Prices From Your Suppliers

In this blog post we will highlight how you can use the Quilder app to search for products from your local suppliers, and add these directly into your quotes, estimates and invoices.  You will find a handy step-by-step walkthrough video at the end of this blog. 

As some of you have already discovered, Quilder has a number of exciting features to further improve your quotes.  This month, we are looking in-depth at our Supplier Part Search feature.

This feature allows you to quickly search for the parts and products that you need to complete a job.  Simply type in what you are looking for and the app will give you a list of matching products from suppliers such as Plumbase, and Wickes.

Search Thousands of Parts

You can search through our database of over 100,000 parts to find exactly what you’re looking for, and add them directly to your quote. 

Check Your Costs

Do you know what you need to complete a job, but not sure of its price?  Not to worry!  When searching for products on the Quilder app, you can also check their prices.  Never find yourself out of pocket again by being able to check prices on the go, as well as staying up to date on any special promotions or sales from your suppliers.

Customise Your Parts

You can ensure that your quotes, estimates and invoices remain professional looking and tidy even when adding products from different suppliers.  You can customise how these products appear in your quotes by editing the product names to suit you.  Do you like to add a margin on to any materials that you purchase?  No problem!  You can edit the price of the items you have selected to be included in your quote through the Quilder app.

Find Suppliers Near You

The Quilder app will automatically detect your location and show you products which are available from suppliers near you.  You can even filter the results by those closest to you, and the app can communicate this information directly to your maps app to show you directions to the supplier.

Save Time and Money

The Supplier Parts Search feature allows you to have a full catalogue of products with you on every call-out at all times, available at the touch of a button.  It ensures that you know exactly where you can get the products that you need, and what price you will pay for them.  You will never find yourself racking up unexpected costs when buying materials again.

 Using this feature also saves you time that would usually be spent searching various supplier websites and catalogues for the product you need.  One quick search on Quilder will check a collection of the most popular suppliers. 

Can’t Find Your Supplier?

Is there a supplier that you regularly buy from, but you can’t find their materials on Quilder?  Let us know by emailing and we will see what we can do.

The video below gives step by step instructions on how to use this feature on the Quilder app: 

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