New Features Allow Custom Design of Your Invoices

The Quilder team have been working hard to add some new, exciting features to the app:

Sections and Headings

We received feedback from some of our users who said that their quotes, estimates and invoices can often be quite lengthy.  They mentioned that it would be beneficial to be able to separate their parts and labour into separate sections with headings to make it easy for the customer to understand.  Since we pride ourselves on taking customer feedback on board, we are pleased to announce that we have now added this feature to the Quilder app.  Headings and sections can now be added, and these can also be moved around and edited once inserted into your template to make sure it looks exactly how you would like it to. 

Colour Co-ordinate Your Templates

Some of our users also let us know that the Quilder colours within the templates are not always complimentary to your company logo.  Therefore, you can now change the colour of these templates!  Once you have uploaded a company logo, our system will automatically pick out the main colour in it and give you the option to change your quote, estimate or invoice to match this colour.  This ensures that everything you send out to your customers looks professional and in-line with your company branding. 

Need Some Help?

We appreciate that the new look and new features may be a little confusing at first, so we have included some help features within the app which should show up automatically as soon as you download the new update.  If you have any more problems or questions that this feature doesn’t solve, feel free to contact our helpdesk. 

Try It Now!

All these features are now live on the App Store and Google Play, so be sure to update your app and try out all our new features!

Remember, if there are changes you would like to see in the future then please do not hesitate to contact us!  Here at Quilder, nothing is out of the question and we are happy to listen to any feedback at all.

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